March 14, 2018

Is MANIA the new FANG ?

New Acronym: MANIA replacing FANG?

Just 5 stocks account for over 50% of the entire NDX rally since the 02/09/18 low:

* 'M' $MSFT Microsoft
* 'A'  $APPL Apple
* 'N' $NFLX Netflix
* 'I'  $INTC Intel
* 'A' $AMZN Amazon

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March 13, 2018

Stocks - Good news vs Bad news

"Right now we have economic policies that are pro-big spending, pro-big deficit, pro-bigger income inequality, pro-Wall Street deregulation (in bad ways like lifting limits on leverage). And we have a tightening Fed.  I don’t see how any of this is good for stocks."

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March 6, 2018

Is Technical Analysis and Charting still relevant?

"Investment vision is always 20/20 when viewed in the rear view mirror

Scared a week ago, bullish today  -- in a market where buyers buy higher and sellers sell lower in a room dominated by machines and algos who are agnostic to fundamentals. a fed pivot and incoherent policy"

"My view is that machines and algos have diluted the benefit of charts and technical analysis
Prices are artificial. 
Prices have been distorted in the absence of price discovery.."

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March 5, 2018

Steel and Aluminum Tarrifs

"The rationale behind the steel and aluminum tariffs is consistent with the Administration's attempt to return us economically, socially, culturally and racially back to the 1950's. Stated simply. While China is expanding energy alternatives and artificial intelligence the U.S. is focused on mining and steel... a view of what once was and not what will be."

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